Importance of App Security in the Cloud

The recent Time Warner Cable data exposure highlights the importance of strict cloud application and data security policies.  This video discusses why cloud application security is important and some of the areas of vulnerability. Time Warner Cable article:

Software Architecture with Simon Brown [Podcast]

Software architecture addresses the challenge of communicating and navigating large, complex systems to stakeholders, both technical and non-technical.  Over the years software architecture has gone in and out of fashion.  Today we discuss why software architecture is important, what it means to have software architecture, and how to properly structure […]

Developer Roles with Fred George [Podcast]

Software teams are traditionally composed of roles such as project manager, developer, QA, and manager. What happens if you throw out all of those titles, hire mostly engineers, and ask them to do whatever they think is best? That is the core idea behind Fred George’s idea of Developer Anarchy. […]